Anarchism Revived

  title={Anarchism Revived},
  author={Leonard Williams},
  journal={New Political Science},
  pages={297 - 312}
  • L. Williams
  • Published 1 September 2007
  • New Political Science
Long regarded as a dated school of political thought, anarchism has been rejuvenated in the last decade or so. From anarcho-punk bands putting out “noise music” to bands of young people sporting black attire and the circle-A, its cultural symbols are widely present. Self-identified “anarchists” have often taken center stage at protests directed at major political and financial institutions. My central purpose in this article is to explore the variety of ideological orientations found in the… Expand
Anarchism as the Contemporary Spirit of Anti-Capitalism? A Critical Survey of Recent Debates
In the past decade or so, a sizable literature on anarchism has appeared. It has often been attached to the newer movements associated with alternative globalization and with post-modern theoreticalExpand
A critical appraisal of what could be an anarchist political economy
Conflated with anti-statism, anything goes, chaos, violence and terrorism, anarchism is probably one of the most misconstrued and demonized political ideologies of our times. Anarchist writings haveExpand
Management, business, anarchism
While the inclusion of anarchism and management in the same sentence would normally connote a rejection of one and a corresponding defense of the other, the study of management and radical social andExpand
Margins II: The New Communism
In this chapter, el-Ojeili turns to the far-Left. Increasingly, since the end of the 1990s, a new global Left has consolidated, a Left that includes a configuration el-Ojeili labels the “newExpand
Immanence and anarchist ethics
their rejection of classical anarchism, various postanarchist thinkers adopt a position of epistemological critique and reduce their metaphysics to a minimal conception of the self and broad, commonExpand
The Promise of Prefiguration: Theorizing Anarchism and Anti-Oppression
Experiments in alternative political, economic and cultural institutions saturate the radical left in North America. Including free schools, radical childcare provision and the latest wave ofExpand
Anti-oppression as pedagogy; prefiguration as praxis
Experiments in alternative politics saturate the radical Left in North America. The most compelling of these build on multidimensional analyses of violence that impact activist communities. AnExpand
The rise of insurrectionary anarchist terrorism in Italy
Since the mid-1980s, Italian insurrectionary anarchists have been responsible for dozens of attacks both within Italy and abroad. For more than a decade, the prevailing tactics were small-scale actsExpand
‘Communism … is the affirmation of a new community’: Notes on Jacques Camatte
This article explores the work of the primitivist communist Jacques Camatte. Camatte emerges from the Bordigist current of Marxism, and the article begins with an examination of the major emphases inExpand
E-Bandits in Global Activism: WikiLeaks, Anonymous, and the Politics of No One
In recent years, WikiLeaks and Anonymous have made headlines distributing confidential information, defacing websites, and generating protest around political issues. Although many have dismissedExpand


Analytical Anarchism
Etude des fondements conceptuels de l'anarchisme, en vue d'un developpement comparable a celui du marxisme analytique. Au-dela de sa condamnation prematuree par les liberaux et les marxistes, l'A.Expand
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