Anaphylaxis and intimate behaviour

  title={Anaphylaxis and intimate behaviour},
  author={Gennaro Liccardi and Marco Caminati and Gianenrico Senna and Luigino Calzetta and Paola Rogliani},
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Purpose of review Intimate behaviours may represent an unusual way of exposure to a culprit allergen, or the frame for sex-related allergies due to triggers typically linked to that situation. The present review aims at summarizing the state of the art about the topic, in order to spread the awareness and the basic know-how in the field of sexual-related allergies. Recent findings Kiss-related IgE-mediated reactions are caused in sensitized partners mainly by the passive transport of allergenic… 
Fatal anaphylaxis due to peanut exposure from oral intercourse
The authors suggest that intimacy-related anaphylaxis due to peanut allergy is the most likely diagnosis, and the first report of potential allergen transfer from oral mucosa to a patient receiving fellatio.
Dog allergy: can a prevalent or exclusive sensitization to Can f 5 be considered a lucky or negative event in real life?
The possible pros or cons of sensitization to this allergen in real life are pointed out and some peculiar characteristics of Can f 5 are assessed in order to support the most of positive aspects and remedy at best the negative effects.
Food Allergy and Intolerance: A Narrative Review on Nutritional Concerns
It is concluded that a correct diagnostic approach and dietary control of both immune- and non-immune-mediated food-induced diseases might minimize the nutritional gaps in patients, thus helping to improve their quality of life and reduce the economic costs of their management.
Frequency of allergic sensitization to Can f 5 in North East Italy. An analysis of 1403 ISACs 112 (Component Resolved Diagnosis) collected retrospectively.
Establishing the frequency, level of sensitization and association with other dog allergens of Can f 5, as assessed by Component Resolved Diagnosis (CRD- ISAC 112), confirmed that there is a high number of sensitized patients to Can f5, which have a high degree of allergic sensitization.
Critical aspects in dog allergen immunotherapy (DAI). May Component Resolved Diagnosis (CRD) play a role in predicting the efficacy?
ABSTRACT We hypothesize that a pivotal condition determining the efficacy of dog allergen immunotherapy (DAI) might be the mono-sensitization to dog lipocalins (Can f 1-2) in individuals not directly
Application of precision medicine to the treatment of anaphylaxis
Patients with first-line therapy-induced anaphylaxis are candidates for desensitization to increase their quality of life and life expectancy and to provide tools for the diagnosis of the underlying cause(s) and set up a long-term treatment to prevent recurrence.
Idiopathic anaphylaxis


Allergy and Sexual Behaviours: an Update
The present review aims at summarizing the state of the art about allergy and sexual behaviours and suggests that sexual behaviours need to be accounted in the differential diagnosis of hypersensitivity reactions, and awareness on those exposure routes should be raised between different specialists and general practitioners.
Oral allergy syndrome to apple after a lover's kiss
The result suggests that mites are involved in the pathogenesis of bronchial asthma and atopic eczema and that strict control of mite exposure is most important in the prophylaxis of these diseases.
Food allergies and kissing.
Of 379 subjects with self-reported histories compatible with IgE-mediated food allergy to nuts or seeds, 20 (5.3 percent) reported reactions from kissing, although there was no direct query about this mode of exposure in the questionnaire.
Food‐induced cutaneous adverse reactions
The skin is the most frequently affected target organ in allergy or intolerance of food and food additives. The most common manifestation is acute urticaria (with or without angioedema), accounting
The hazards of kissing when you are food allergic. A survey on the occurrence of kiss-induced allergic reactions among 1139 patients with self-reported food hypersensitivity.
The occurrence of kiss-induced allergic symptoms and other social inconveniences among patients with self-reported food hypersensitivity was investigated to determine what other people eat can influence the quality of life of food-allergic patients.
Seminal plasma hypersensitivity reactions: an updated review.
Treatment of seminal plasma hypersensitivity involves either avoidance with the use of condoms, intravaginal graded challenge using dilutions of whole seminal fluid, or subcutaneous desensitization to relevant fractionated seminal plasma proteins obtained from the woman's sexual partner.
Severe food allergies by skin contact.
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The kiss of death: a severe allergic reaction to a shellfish induced by a good-night kiss.
A young woman with a clinical history of multiple urticarial reactions after touching shrimp and lobster dishes was seen in an emergency department of a Mayo Clinic-affiliated hospital for an anaphylactic reaction that developed immediately after she kissed her boyfriend.
Peanut allergen exposure through saliva: assessment and interventions to reduce exposure.
Fatalities due to anaphylactic reactions to foods.
Fatal anaphylactic reactions to foods are continuing to occur, and better characterization might lead to better prevention, and peanuts and tree nuts accounted for more than 90% of the fatalities.