Anaphylaxis after hamster bites – identification of a novel allergen

  title={Anaphylaxis after hamster bites – identification of a novel allergen},
  author={Dawn L C Lim and R Mike Chan and Hongmei Wen and Hugo Van Bever and Kaw Yan Chua},
  journal={Clinical \& Experimental Allergy},
Background Hamsters are popular household pets and anaphylaxis after their bites have described. However, the putative allergen has not been identified. 
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Animal bites and stings with anaphylactic potential.

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Por la gran importancia que han ido adquiriendo en el ultimo tiempo se revisan las mordeduras producidas por hamsters, ratones, conejos, hurones, perros of the pradera, simios, murcielagos, aves, iguanas y animales de granja.

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Following an acute anaphylactic reaction, patients should be provided with a referral for follow up and educated on avoidance of triggers and use of epinephrine autoinjectors, and airway maintenance.

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Identification of shared and unique immunoglobulin E epitopes of the highly conserved tropomyosins in Blomia tropicalis and Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus

The invertebrate tropomyosins are allergenic in man with high IgE cross‐reactivity and have been therefore referred to as pan‐allergens.

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This review focuses on the importance of rodent allergens, concentrating on mouse and rat, but including other potentially important rodents such as gerbil, hamster, and rabbit, and discusses the pathogenesis, diagnosis, prevention, and management of rodent allergy.

Anaphylaxis after hamster bites: a rare case?

It is concluded that a 36-year-old woman admitted with symptoms of anaphylaxis after hamster bites was allergic, and her positive prick test reaction to the hamsters’ saliva was allergic.

A case of anaphylaxis shock due to hamster

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Identification of shared and unique epitopes of the highly conserved tropomyosins in Blomia tropicalis and Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus

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Blots showed a common allergenic protein in the dwarf hamster saliva at the 21 kDa region reacted with both sera a and b. Lane 1: molecular weight marker and Lane 2: Dwarf hamster saliva

    A case of anaphylaxis after bites from hamsters

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