Anaphylactoid and anaphylactic reactions to iodinated contrast material.

  title={Anaphylactoid and anaphylactic reactions to iodinated contrast material.},
  author={Dominique Laroche and Far{\`e}s Namour and Catherine Lefrançois and Isabelle Aimone-Gastin and Antonio Romano and Jean Sainte-Laudy and Marie Claire Laxenaire and Jean-Louis Gu{\'e}ant},
  volume={54 Suppl 58},
Some adverse reactions to iodinated contrast material (ICM) are considered allergy-like, with cutaneous, cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive symptoms. Allergy-like reactions are usually unpredictable. Reactions are more frequent with ionic than with nonionic material, but the frequency of deaths is almost identical. In a recent study, 20 severe unexpected reactions to ICM, including 10 life-threatening reactions and one death, were investigated by measuring mediators in blood, within the… CONTINUE READING


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