Anaphylactic reactions during cesarean section.

  title={Anaphylactic reactions during cesarean section.},
  author={Gaetano Draisci and Eleonora Nucera and Emanuela Pollastrini and Elia Forte and Bruno Antonio Zanfini and Raffaella Pinto and Giampiero Patriarca and Domenico Schiavino and Domenico Pietrini},
  journal={International journal of obstetric anesthesia},
  volume={16 1},
Sensitization to latex seems to occur more frequently in women than in men. Obstetric and gynecological surgical procedures have recently been shown to be a common setting for latex anaphylaxis. We analyzed all the cases of anaphylactic reactions during 1240 cesarean sections in 2004; the patients were questioned for risk factors and underwent allergy testing for drugs and latex. Four patients had anaphylaxis under spinal anesthesia and in all cases it was due to latex allergy. Reported… CONTINUE READING