Anammox organisms: enrichment, cultivation, and environmental analysis.

  title={Anammox organisms: enrichment, cultivation, and environmental analysis.},
  author={Mike S. M. Jetten and Markus Schmid and Katinka T van de Pas-Schoonen and Jaap S Sinninghe Damst{\'e} and Marc Strous},
  journal={Methods in enzymology},
Anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) is the microbial oxidation of ammonium with nitrite to dinitrogen gas under strict anoxic conditions mediated by planctomycete-like bacteria. Anammox is not only important in the oceanic nitrogen cycle, but can also contribute substantially to nitrogen removal in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. This chapter addresses the enrichment and cultivation of anammox bacteria in a sequencing batch reactor (SBR) and a gas lift reactor. The reactors… CONTINUE READING


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