Analyzing Students’ Behavior in UNED-COMA MOOCs


This work presents an exploratory analysis about the students’ behavior in the UNED-COMA MOOCs in order to detect and minimize drop-outs in MOOC courses. To achieve this, the following research questions are answered: a) what is the relationship between videos and students?; and b) what is the relationship between forums and students?. A set of indicators about students’ behavior in MOOCs have also been extracted from this study, and a set of hypothesis have been analyzed. In particular, the amount and duration of videos do not affect the students’ outcomes, according to the statistical analysis taken with our datasets, and possible drop-outs within the course. Some courses must include specific videos for a broader range of ages and country culture. In addition to this. the students’ activity in courses does influence in dropouts. As the period of the course advances, faculty should encourage students to participate in the interaction tools and visualize multimedia resources.

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