Analytical modelling of bulk double-negative metamaterials

  • C. R. Simovski
  • Published 2009 in
    2009 International Conference on Electromagnetics…


Analytical model of metamaterials comprising lattices of small resonant scatterers and (optionally) infinite wires is developed for the case when the planar grids of magnetic dipoles alternate with those of electric dipoles (or those of wires) along the direction of the wave propagation. An important question on the possibility to extract bulk material parameters from measurements or simulations of the plane-wave scattering matrix for finite-thickness slabs of left-handed metamaterials is revisited. It is shown that the class of Bloch lattices (for which this extraction makes sense) is broader than one could judge upon the previous works. Also, it is shown that the spatial dispersion that destroys the operation of double-negative media as media suitable was the all-angle negative refraction can arise for the diagonal propagation with respect to the unit cell even if it is not revealed from the analysis of the normal propagation.

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