Analytical methods for the study of air pollution.

  • P. W. West
  • Published 1970 in
    Pure and applied chemistry. Chimie pure et…


Air pollution studies require a great variety Of techniques. The analytical methods used should have great sensitivity and reliability and they must be applicable to organic as well as inorganic substanôes; they must apply to the study of gases, liquids (mists), and solids (airborne particulates); and they should be suitable for spot checking in the field and for continuous sampling and monitoring. Recent developments have contributed significantly in providing the necessary ahalytical chemical tools. PartiCularly important are the developments of gas chromatographic procedures, atomic absorption spéctroscopy, new spectrophotometric and fluorimetric methods, and ring oven procedures New reagents are being introduced that provide sensitive and selective reactions and ion-selective electrodes hold great promise.

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