Analytical investigation of salivary calculi, by mid-infrared spectroscopy.

  title={Analytical investigation of salivary calculi, by mid-infrared spectroscopy.},
  author={Jean Sabot and Marie-Paule Gustin and Katia Delahougue and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Faure and Christelle Machon and Dieter Hartmann},
  journal={The Analyst},
  volume={137 9},
Sialolithiasis is common in salivary glands, especially in the submandibular and parotid ducts. X-Ray diffractometry was the principal technique used for their analysis, sometimes associated with scanning electron microscopy. Hydroxyapatite was the most frequently described constituent, in association with whitlockite and other calcium phosphates as brushite or octocalcium phosphate. Proteic matter was detected, as mucoproteins, albumin, nucleoproteins or as degenerative bacterial matter. This… CONTINUE READING


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