Analytical coordinate time at first post-Newtonian order

  title={Analytical coordinate time at first post-Newtonian order},
  author={Vittorio De Falco and Emmanuele Battista and John Antoniadis},
  journal={Europhysics Letters},
In this letter, we exploit the Damour-Deruelle solution to derive the analytical expression of the coordinate time in terms of the polar angle. This formula has advantageous applications in both pulsar timing and gravitational-wave theory. 



The Motion of a System of Bodies under the Influence of their Mutual Attraction, According to Einstein’s Theory

The second of us showed2) some time ago how with the aid of fieldequations established by Einstein, the gravitational field of bodies with a given motion can be determined to quantities of the second

Testing Relativistic Gravity with Radio Pulsars

Before the 1970s, precision tests for gravity theories were constrained to the weak gravitational fields of the Solar system. Hence, only the weak-field slow-motion aspects of relativistic celestial

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