Analytical characterization of NOTA-modified somatropins.

  title={Analytical characterization of NOTA-modified somatropins.},
  author={Nathalie Bracke and Evelien Wynendaele and Matthias D'Hondt and Rob Haselberg and Govert W Somsen and Ewald Pauwels and Christoph Van de Wiele and Bart De Spiegeleer},
  journal={Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis},
Chemical modification of biomolecules like the introduction of metal-chelators into proteins can lead to heterogeneous product formation. The nature and extend of the modification is important in interpreting the biological properties of the bioconjugate, given their possible influence on the pharmacokinetics as well as on the binding affinity to the target. The present study describes the synthesis and analytical characterization of somatropin modified on its lysine's ɛ-amino groups with the… CONTINUE READING