Analytical challenges hamper perfluoroalkyl research.

  title={Analytical challenges hamper perfluoroalkyl research.},
  author={Jonathan W Martin and Kurunthachalam L Kannan and Urs Berger and Pim de Voogt and Jennifer K. Field and James Franklin and John Paul Giesy and Tom Harner and Derek C G Muir and Brian Scott and Mary Kaiser and Ulf J{\"a}rnberg and Kevin C Jones and Scott A. Mabury and Horst Fr Schr{\"o}der and Matt F Simcik and Christina Sottani and Bert van Bavel and Anna K{\"a}rrman and Gunilla Lindstr{\"o}m and Stefan van van Leeuwen},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={38 13},


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