Analytical and numerical solution of coupled KdV - MKdV system


The matrix 2x2 spectral differential equation of the second order is considered on x in (−∞,+∞). We establish elementary Darboux transformations covariance of the problem and analyze its combinations. We select a second covariant equation to form Lax pair of a coupled KdV-MKdV system. The sequence of the elementary Darboux transformations of the zero-potential seed produce two-parameter solution for the coupled KdV-MKdV system with reductions. We show effects of parameters on the resulting solutions (reality, singularity). A numerical method for general coupled KdV-MKdV system is introduced. The method is based on a difference scheme for Cauchy problems for arbitrary number of equations with constants coefficients. We analyze stability and prove the convergence of the scheme which is also tested by numerical simulation of the explicit solutions.

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