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Analytical Solutions for the Equilibrium states of a Swollen Hydrogel Shell and an Extended Method of Matched Asymptotics

  title={Analytical Solutions for the Equilibrium states of a Swollen Hydrogel Shell and an Extended Method of Matched Asymptotics},
  author={Hui-Hui Dai and Zilong Song},
  journal={arXiv: Biological Physics},
A polymer network can imbibe water, forming an aggregate called hydrogel, and undergo large and inhomogeneous deformation with external mechanical constraint. Due to the large deformation, nonlinearity plays a crucial role, which also causes the mathematical difficulty for obtaining analytical solutions. Based on an existing model for equilibrium states of a swollen hydrogel with a core-shell structure, this paper seeks analytical solutions of the deformations by perturbation methods for three… 
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