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Analytical Modeling and Design of Gallium Oxide Schottky Barrier Diodes Beyond Unipolar Figure of Merit Using High-k Dielectric Superjunction Structures

  title={Analytical Modeling and Design of Gallium Oxide Schottky Barrier Diodes Beyond Unipolar Figure of Merit Using High-k Dielectric Superjunction Structures},
  author={Saurav Roy and Arkka Bhattacharyya and Sriram Krishnamoorthy},
This work presents the design of beta-Ga2O3 schottky barrier diode using high-k dielectric superjunction to significantly enhance the breakdown voltage vs on-resistance trade-off beyond its already high unipolar figure of merit. The device parameters are optimized using both TCAD simulations and analytical modeling using conformal mapping technique. The dielectric superjunction structure is found to be highly sensitive to the device dimensions and the dielectric constant of the insulator. The… 

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