Analytical Estimation of the Maximal lyapunov Exponent in Oscillator Chains

  title={Analytical Estimation of the Maximal lyapunov Exponent in Oscillator Chains},
  author={Thierry Dauxois and Stefano Ruffo and Alessandro Torcini},
  journal={Journal De Physique Iv},
An analytical expression for the maximal Lyapunov exponent λ 1 in generalized Fermi-Pasta-Ulam oscillator chains is obtained. The derivation is based on the calculation of modulational instability growth rates for some unstable periodic orbits. The result is compared with numerical simulations and the agreement is good over a wide range of energy densities e At very high energy density the power law scaling of λ 1 with e can be also obtained by simple dimensional arguments, assuming that the… 
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