Analytical Characterization of Shear Localization in Thermoviscoplastic Materials

  title={Analytical Characterization of Shear Localization in Thermoviscoplastic Materials},
  author={Alain Molinari and Rodney J. Clifton},
  journal={Journal of Applied Mechanics},
Abstract : Critical conditions for shear localization in thermoviscoplastic materials are obtained in closed form for idealized models of simple shearing deformations. The idealizations, which include the neglect of heat conduction, inertia, and elasticity, are viewed as quite acceptable for many applications in which shear bands occur. Explicit results obtained for the idealized, but fully nonlinear problem show the roles of strain rate sensitivity, strain hardening, and initial imperfection… 
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Adiabatic Shear , " in Report NMAB - 356 of the NRC Comnittee on Material Response to Ultrasonic Loading Rates
  • 1978