Analytic treatment of the excited instability spectra of the magnetically charged SU(2) Reissner-Nordström black holes

  title={Analytic treatment of the excited instability spectra of the magnetically charged SU(2) Reissner-Nordstr{\"o}m black holes},
  author={Shahar Hod},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
  • S. Hod
  • Published 5 January 2017
  • Physics
  • Journal of High Energy Physics
A bstractThe magnetically charged SU(2) Reissner-Nordström black-hole solutions of the coupled nonlinear Einstein-Yang-Mills field equations are known to be characterized by infinite spectra of unstable (imaginary) resonances {ωn(r+, r−)}n = 0n = ∞ (here r± are the black-hole horizon radii). Based on direct numerical computations of the black-hole instability spectra, it has recently been observed that the excited instability eigenvalues of the magnetically charged black holes exhibit a simple… 



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