Analytic sphere eversion using ruled surfaces

  title={Analytic sphere eversion using ruled surfaces},
  author={Adam Bednorz and Witold Bednorz},
  journal={Differential Geometry and its Applications},
Repulsive surfaces
This paper develops a numerical framework for optimization of surface geometry while avoiding (self-)collision, and develops a discretization of the tangent-point energy for triangle meshes, and introduces a novel acceleration scheme based on a fractional Sobolev inner product.
Teaching “surface area of a sphere and volume of a ball” using an inquiry approach
This study aimed to investigate how to teach the surface area of a sphere and volume of a ball to students of elementary school teacher education using the inquiry approach. The study used a


"The Optiverse" and other sphere eversions
This work contrasts these minimax eversions with earlier ones, including those by Morin, Phillips, Max, and Thurston, which were automatically generated by flowing downhill in energy using Brakke's Evolver.
An algebraic halfway model for the eversion of the sphere (with an Appendix by Bernard Morin)
. In this paper, I construct a new version of the halfway model for the eversion of the sphere, called the closed halfway model, whose image can readily be shown to be the set of zeros of an explicit
A Topological Picturebook
1 Descriptive Topology.- 2 Methods and Media.- 3 Pictures in Perspective.- 4 The Impossible Tribar.- 5 Shadows from Higher Dimension.- 6 Sphere Eversions.- 7 Group Pictures.- 8 The Figure Eight
A classification of immersions of the two-sphere
An immersion of one C' differentiable manifold in another is a regular map (a C' map whose Jacobian is of maximum rank) of the first into the second. A homotopy of an immersion is called regular if
: The present study sought to analyze the perceptions of residents, tourists, and potential tourists about the touristic options in the Caminhos da Fronteira region. The methodological procedure used
Tohoku Math
  • J. Volume 44
  • 1992
Turning a sphere inside out