Analytic pseudo-Goldstone bosons

  title={Analytic pseudo-Goldstone bosons},
  author={Riccardo Argurio and Andrea Marzolla and Andrea Mezzalira and Daniele Musso},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractWe consider the interplay between explicit and spontaneous symmetry breaking in strongly coupled field theories. Some well-known statements, such as the Gell-Mann-Oakes-Renner relation, descend directly from the Ward identities and have thus a general relevance. Such Ward identities are recovered in gauge/gravity dual setups through holographic renormalization. In a simple paradigmatic three dimensional toy-model, we find analytic expressions for the two-point correlators which match… 

Holographic Ward identities for symmetry breaking in two dimensions

A bstractWe investigate symmetry breaking in two-dimensional field theories which have a holographic gravity dual. Being at large N, the Coleman theorem does not hold and Goldstone bosons are

The Ward identity of Symmetry Breaking from Holographic Renormalization

Notes on holographic renormalization as a tool for UV analysis and derivation of the two-point Ward identity encoding symmetry breaking. Goldstone theorem is reviewed, discussing in particular the

First sound in holographic superuids at zero temperature

A bstractWithin the context of AdS/CFT, the gravity dual of an s-wave superfluid is given by scalar QED on an asymptotically AdS spacetime. While this conclusion is vastly supported by numerical

First sound in holographic superuids at zero temperature

Within the context of AdS/CFT, the gravity dual of an s-wave superfluid is given by scalar QED on an asymptotically AdS spacetime. While this conclusion is vastly supported by numerical arguments,

Simplest phonons and pseudo-phonons in field theory

We study the emergence of Nambu–Goldstone modes due to broken translation symmetry in field theory. Purely spontaneous breaking yields a massless phonon which develops a mass upon introducing a

Holographic phonons by gauge-axion coupling

In this paper, we show that a simple generalization of the holographic axion model can realize spontaneous breaking of translational symmetry by considering a special gauge-axion higher derivative

Effective and holographic theories of strongly-correlated phases of matter with broken translations

We review recent progress in the effective description of strongly-correlated phases of matter with spontaneously broken translations, such as charge density waves or Wigner crystals. In real

Symmetry breaking in holographic theories with Lifshitz scaling

A bstractWe study holographically Lifshitz-scaling theories with broken symmetries. In order to do this, we set up a bulk action with a complex scalar and a massless vector on a background which

Independent Goldstone modes for translations and shift symmetry from a real modulated scalar

We study a massive real scalar field that breaks translation symmetry dynamically. Higher-gradient terms favour modulated configurations and neither finite density nor temperature are needed. In the

Note on holographic nonrelativistic Goldstone bosons

We consider a holographic setup where relativistic invariance is broken by a chemical potential, and anon-Abelian internal symmetry is broken spontaneously.We use the tool of holographic

Supercurrent multiplet correlators at weak and strong coupling

A bstractCorrelators of gauge invariant operators provide useful information on the dynamics, phases and spectra of a quantum field theory. In this paper, we consider four dimensional $ \mathcal{N} $

Quark mass and condensate in HQCD

We extend the Sakai-Sugimoto holographic model of QCD (HQCD) by including the scalar bi-fundamental ``tachyon" field in the 8-brane-anti-8-brane probe theory. We show that this field is responsible

A goldstino at the bottom of the cascade

A bstractWorking within a five-dimensional consistent truncation of type IIB super-gravity dimensionally reduced on T1,1, we consider supersymmetry breaking solutions with the asymptotics of the

How to go with an RG flow

We apply the formalism of holographic renormalization to domain wall solutions of 5-dimensional supergravity which are dual to deformed conformal field theories in 4 dimensions. We carefully compute

Towards a holographic dual of large- N c QCD

We study N f D6-brane probes in the supergravity background dual to N c D4-branes compactified on a circle with supersymmetry-breaking boundary conditions. In the limit in which the resulting

The Holographic Goldstino

Sorbonne Universites, UPMC Univ Paris 06 and CNRSUMR 7589, LPTHE, F-75005, Paris, FranceAbstractWe nd the ngerprints of the Goldstino associated to spontaneous supersymmetrybreaking in a prototype

Holographic lattices give the graviton an effective mass.

It is shown that the presence of the lattice induces an effective mass for the graviton via a gravitational version of the Higgs mechanism, which leads to a power law resistivity that is in agreement with an earlier field theory analysis of Hartnoll and Hofman.

Holography without translational symmetry

We propose massive gravity as a holographic framework for describing a class of strongly interacting quantum field theories with broken translational symmetry. Bulk gravitons are assumed to have a