Analytic Perturbation Theory and Its Applications

  title={Analytic Perturbation Theory and Its Applications},
  author={Konstantin E. Avrachenkov and Jerzy A. Filar and Phil G. Howlett},
Mathematical models are often used to describe complex phenomena such as climate change dynamics, stock market fluctuations, and the Internet. These models typically depend on estimated values of key parameters that determine system behavior. Hence it is important to know what happens when these values are changed. The study of single-parameter deviations provides a natural starting point for this analysis in many special settings in the sciences, engineering, and economics. The difference… 

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1 Perturbation of Linear Equations.- 1.1 Introduction.- 1.2 Norms of Vectors and Matrices.- 1.3 Condition Number and Nearness to Singularity.- 1.4 A-priori Bounds.- 1.5 Pivoting and Equilibration.-
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