Analysis on age structure ofZoysia japonica (Poaceae) population


The age-structure of natural population ofZoysia japonica in Xiuyan County of Liaoning Province was studied by generational method. The results showed that the highest tiller age class was three, but 1st age class tillers held dominant position with proportions over 95% in each month during the growing seasons. The 2nd age class and 3rd age class tillers were minority in the population. SoZ japonica population was an expanding population. The zero age, class buds on the rhizomes were dominant in buds age structures. The proportion of buds to tillers on quantity in each month was about 30% to 40% and reached the highest at the end of September. The increasing of buds proportion before domancy guaranteed the quantity of tillers in the next spring. The biomass of 1st age class tillers changed with time. The biomass kept increasing from April to July and reached the highest at the end of July and then decreased.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02856765

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