Analysis on Sub-Synchronous Oscillation Associated with Wind Farms Based on Direct-Driven Wind Generators

  title={Analysis on Sub-Synchronous Oscillation Associated with Wind Farms Based on Direct-Driven Wind Generators},
  author={Zhi An and Chen Shen and Zetian Zheng and Feng Liu and Xuemin Zhang and Xiaoqing Chang and Wei Wei},
  journal={2018 37th Chinese Control Conference (CCC)},
  • Z. An, Chen Shen, Wei Wei
  • Published 1 July 2018
  • Physics
  • 2018 37th Chinese Control Conference (CCC)
Recently, several literatures reported that sub-synchronous oscillation (SSO) events occurred in wind farms based on direct-driven wind generators (DDWGs). This paper focuses on whether a wind farm consists of only DDWGs would bring an SSO. First, a small-signal model of the DDWG-based wind farm is proposed. Eigen-analysis indicates that there are natural modes with sub-synchronous frequency; however, their damping ratios are significantly large under specific control parameters. Further, the… 
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