Analysis on Pesticide Residue in Medicinal Dried Fruits

  title={Analysis on Pesticide Residue in Medicinal Dried Fruits},
  author={Kyeong-Ah Lee and Sung-Tae Kang and Ouk-Hee Kim and Sung-Kyu Park and Kwang-Tae Ha and Young-hee Choi and Han-Bin Jo and Byung-Hymn Choi},
There experiment were carried out to analyze for pesticide residues in 4 kinds of dried fruits collected in northern area of Seoul in 2007~2009. Total of 213 samples were analyzed. According to the results, 20 kinds of residual pesticides were detected. Residual pesticides were detected in 66 samples (31.0%) and 8 samples (3.8%) exceeded maximum residue limits (MRL). Cypermethrin, fenvalerate, endosulfan, chlorpyrifos, bifenthrin were detected frequently. The Pesticide types which were detected… CONTINUE READING