Analysis of warping and distortion transmission in mixed shell–GBT (generalized beam theory) models

  title={Analysis of warping and distortion transmission in mixed shell–GBT (generalized beam theory) models},
  author={Marcelo J. Bianco and Abinet K. Habtemariam and Carsten K{\"o}nke and Volkmar Zabel},
  journal={International Journal of Advanced Structural Engineering},
Warping and distortion are relevant kinematic features of thin-walled beam structures, which have a non-trivial analysis. On this basis, this paper not only evaluates the possible kinematic transmissions involving high-order warping and distortion, but also presents a procedure to analyze structures using mixed models based on shell and Generalized Beam Theory (GBT) elements. In this mixed beam-shell structure, the traditional shell elements are applied at structural detailing points, such as… 
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