Analysis of vocal disorders with methods from nonlinear dynamics.

  title={Analysis of vocal disorders with methods from nonlinear dynamics.},
  author={Hanspeter Herzel and David A. Berry and Ingo R. Titze and Marwa Mohamed Saleh},
  journal={Journal of speech and hearing research},
  volume={37 5},
Several authors have recently demonstrated the intimate relationship between nonlinear dynamics and observations in vocal fold vibration (Herzel, 1993; Mende, Herzel, & Wermke, 1990; Titze, Baken, & Herzel, 1993). The aim of this paper is to analyze vocal disorders from a nonlinear dynamics point of view. Basic concepts and analysis techniques from nonlinear dynamics are reviewed and related to voice. The voices of several patients with vocal disorders are analyzed using traditional voice… CONTINUE READING

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