[Analysis of two needling techniques in terms of "reinforcing and reducing" and "symptomatic treatment"].

  • Jing-sheng Zhao
  • Published 2012 in
    Zhongguo zhen jiu = Chinese acupuncture…


Neijing (Internal Classic) states two kinds of needling techniques, named reinforcing and reducing technique, and the symptomatic treatment technique. The people in the later generations stress on the technique in terms of reinforcing and reducing. The relationship between these two needling techniques, the quantification of reinforcing and reducing technique, the understanding of "reinforcing and reducing" and operation as well as the relevant terminology are expounded in this paper. On the basis of the analysis of the source literatures, the dialectic discussion in association with the clinical practice is condcuted in this paper. It is believed that the view of taking reinforcing and reducing technique as the core should be rectified and the actual value of the needling technique in light of symptomatic treatment be emphasized. It is required to face up to the diversity and opposition of the theories that are exactly existed in the reinforcing and reducing technique and should be explored scientifically. The context and conception ideas should be considered in the explanation of the definition of needling technique and the principle analysis. Concerning the quantification research of needling technique, the factors such as the situation of disease and the body constitution should be taken into account.

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