Analysis of tooth formation by reaggregated dental mesenchyme from mouse embryo.

  title={Analysis of tooth formation by reaggregated dental mesenchyme from mouse embryo.},
  author={Hitoshi Yamamoto and Eun-Jung Kim and S Cho and Han Sung Jung},
  journal={Journal of electron microscopy},
  volume={52 6},
Tooth morphogenesis is a well-known developmental system related to epithelial-mesenchymal interactions. In mice, the dental epithelium has the potential to induce tooth formation prior to the bud stage, whereas this potential shifts to the dental mesenchyme from the dental epithelium. The reaggregation of mesenchymal tissue leads to previous memories of individual cells being reset, which is useful for studying the predetermination of mesenchyme. Here, the mesenchyme was triturated into single… CONTINUE READING
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