[Analysis of the use of blood and blood components at the Dr. O. Novosel Internal Medicine Clinic in Zagreb].


The use of blood and components was analysed during the period of two years in the Dept. of Med. "O. Novosel", Med. Fak. of Zagreb. The blood use factors were compared with those from other hospitals and hospital staff's transfusion practice was judged by them. The use of blood was higher than in the compared hospitals due to the extremly high use in the Dept. of Haematology. This department is highly specialised with predominancy of patients with haematologycal malignancies. The blood factors of other departaments compare well with these from other hospitals. Blood component therapy in an accepted principle and is fully practiced. 77% of all transfusons were given as PRC. Difficulity in management of haemotherapy is clearly seen by the fact that only 72% of reqested doses were supplied by Blood Transfusion Service. For each Rhesus positive received dose of blood it was neccessary to order 1,4 doses and for each A Rhesus negative dose, 2 doses. The worst situation was with B and AB Rhesus negative blood. For one received dose it was neccessary to order 2.9 and 2,8 doses respectively. Similar situation was with blood components. Only 64% of requested platelet concentrates and less than 42% of granulocyte concentrates were obtained. The shortage of blood and blood components is a serious hindrance to the optimal treatment of patients.

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