Analysis of the self-pulsing operating mode of a microdischarge

  title={Analysis of the self-pulsing operating mode of a microdischarge},
  author={Xavier Aubert and G. Bauville and Jean Guillon and Bernard Lacour and Vincent Puech and Antoine Rousseau},
The self?pulsing regime of a microhollow cathode discharge in argon is reported. The plasma is generated inside the hole drilled in an anode?dielectric?cathode device. The hole dimension ranges from 200 to 400??m and the gas pressure ranges from 40 to 200?Torr. It is shown by optical spectroscopy and fast CCD imaging that the current pulse is related to a fast expansion of the plasma outside the microhole on the cathode backside. The pulse current duration ranges from 0.4 to 2??s depending on… CONTINUE READING