[Analysis of the education of nurses for home care].


The authors observed that there is a tendency towards looking after the sick at home. Therefore they have carried-out this analisys of how nurses are prepared for home care. There are four historical periods with important bearings that have directly or indirectly influenced Brazilian nursing profession and education since 1923, the authors searched within the basic curriculum. To find references about home care in the courses oriented to public health. The analisys confirms a tendency in this area, both in public and private health services. However Nursing Schools are not considering yet these area, that will be really important in the near future.

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@article{Angerami1996AnalysisOT, title={[Analysis of the education of nurses for home care].}, author={E L Saporiti Angerami and D L Steagall-Gomes}, journal={Revista latino-americana de enfermagem}, year={1996}, volume={4 2}, pages={5-22} }