Analysis of the degradation of single‐crystalline silicon modules after 21 years of operation

  title={Analysis of the degradation of single‐crystalline silicon modules after 21 years of operation},
  author={Michel Piliougine and Amal Oukaja and Paula S{\'a}nchez‐Friera and Giovanni Petrone and Francisco Jos{\'e} S{\'a}nchez‐Pacheco and Giovanni Spagnuolo and Mariano Sidrach‐de‐Cardona},
  journal={Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications},
  pages={907 - 919}
In this paper, the results of the analysis of the degradation of a set of single‐crystalline silicon modules after 21 years are presented. The comparison of the main electrical parameters and the series and of the shunt resistances measured in 1996 and 2017 is performed, so that the annual degradation rate is evaluated. In addition, a detailed analysis of the parameter uncertainties has been performed in order to determine its impact on the results. A visual inspection of the modules has also… 

Analysis of the degradation of amorphous silicon‐based modules after 11 years of exposure by means of IEC60891:2021 procedure 3

The degradation of two amorphous silicon‐based photovoltaic (PV) modules, namely, of single junction amorphous silicon (a‐Si) and of micromorph tandem (a‐Si/ μ ‐Si), after 11 years of exposure in the

Early Detection of Photovoltaic Panel Degradation through Artificial Neural Network

An artificial neural network is used for isolating faults and degradation phenomena occurring in photovoltaic (PV) panels by exploiting the intrinsic capability of ANN to map in its architecture two effects: the non-linear relations existing among the SDM parameters and the environmental conditions, and the effect of the degradation phenomena on the I-V curves and, consequently, on theSDM parameters.

Photovoltaics literature survey (No. 169)

  • Z. Hameiri
  • Engineering
    Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications
  • 2021
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Detecting Partial Shadowing and Mismatching Phenomena in Photovoltaic Arrays by Machine Learning Techniques

A novel process of selection of the training samples based on a self-organizing map makes easier the optimization of the number of hidden neurons and the support vector classifier and the multilayer perceptron with one hidden layer outperform the other approaches for extreme mismatching.



Analysis of degradation mechanisms of crystalline silicon PV modules after 12 years of operation in Southern Europe

The long‐term reliability of photovoltaic modules is crucial to ensure the technical and economic viability of PV as a successful energy source. The analysis of degradation mechanisms of PV modules

Performance analysis of a 7‐kW crystalline silicon generator after 17 years of operation in Madrid

The degradation observed on a 7‐kWp Si‐x photovoltaic array after 17 years of exposure on the roof of the Solar Energy Institute of the Polytechnic University of Madrid is presented. The mean peak

Crystalline silicon PV module degradation after 20 years of field exposure studied by electrical tests, electroluminescence, and LBIC

Standardized tests to assure the reliability of photovoltaic modules and to detect possible early failures of modules when exposed in the field, due to design flaws or to the use of non‐appropriate

Long‐term performance degradation of various kinds of photovoltaic modules under moderate climatic conditions

Various kinds of photovoltaic (PV) modules have been developed and practically operated as PV systems up to present. Investigation of the long‐term reliability of PV modules is indispensable for the

Comparison of Degradation Rates of Individual Modules Held at Maximum Power

In this paper, we present a comparison of maximum power degradation rates of individual modules under outdoor conditions in Golden, Colorado. Test modules include single- and polycrystalline-Si

The results of performance measurements of field‐aged crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules

This paper presents the results of electrical performance measurements of 204 crystalline silicon‐wafer based photovoltaic modules following long‐term continuous outdoor exposure. The modules

Model-Based Degradation Analysis of Photovoltaic Modules Through Series Resistance Estimation

A method aimed at detecting the module degradation is introduced and it is shown that the proposed indicators are able to accurately estimate the increments of the series resistance with a low sensitivity to the irradiance and temperature values.