Analysis of the Trypanosoma cruzi cyclophilin gene family and identification of Cyclosporin A binding proteins.

  title={Analysis of the Trypanosoma cruzi cyclophilin gene family and identification of Cyclosporin A binding proteins.},
  author={M. Potenza and A. Galat and T. Minning and A. M. Ruiz and R. Dur{\'a}n and R. Tarleton and M. Marin and L. Fichera and J. B{\'u}a},
  volume={132 Pt 6},
  • M. Potenza, A. Galat, +6 authors J. Búa
  • Published 2006
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Parasitology
  • The Trypanosoma cruzi cyclophilin gene family comprises 15 paralogues whose nominal masses vary from 19 to 110 kDa, namely TcCyP19, TcCyP20, TcCyP21, TcCyP22, TcCyP24, TcCyP25, TcCyP26, TcCyP28, TcCyP29, TcCyP30, TcCyP34, TcCyP35, TcCyP40, TcCyP42 and TcCyP110. Under the conditions used, only some of the T. cruzi cyclophilin paralogue products could be isolated by affinity chromatography. The 15 paralogues were aligned with 495 cyclophilins from diverse organisms. Analyses of clusters formed by… CONTINUE READING
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