Analysis of the TAX1BP1 gene in head and neck cancer patients.

  title={Analysis of the TAX1BP1 gene in head and neck cancer patients.},
  author={Mari{\^a}ngela Torreglosa Ruiz and Janayna Fernanda Balachi and Raquel Aldrighi Fernandes and Ana L{\'i}via Silva Galbiatti and Jos{\'e} V{\'i}ctor Maniglia and Erika Cristina Pavarino-Bertelli and Eny Maria goloni-Bertollo},
  journal={Brazilian journal of otorhinolaryngology},
  volume={76 2},
UNLABELLED In Brazil, there were 14,160 new estimated cases of head and neck cancer for the year of 2008. Smoking and drinking are the main risk factors established in the etiology of this disease. AIM To assess the T --> A polymorphism in gene TAX1BP1 (leu306ile) in patients with head and neck cancer and a control population. SERIES AND METHODS: A… CONTINUE READING