Analysis of the River Isonzo discharge (1998-2005)

  title={Analysis of the River Isonzo discharge (1998-2005)},
  author={Cinzia Comici and Andrea Bussani},
The River Isonzo is the largest river flowing into the Gulf of Trieste, a semi-enclosed basin located in the northeastern corner of the Adriatic Sea. Eight years of discharge and rainfall data (1998-2005) were collected from within the Isonzo watershed. Discharge was obtained at two locations, one at about 300 m downstream from the Solkan hydropower plant (Slovenia) and the other at Turriaco (Italy), at 13 km from the mouth. During 1998-2001, the mean flow was 91.2 m 3 /s at Solkan and 123.1 m… CONTINUE READING