Analysis of the Load on the Knee Joint and Vertebral Column with Changes in Squatting Depth and Weight Load

  title={Analysis of the Load on the Knee Joint and Vertebral Column with Changes in Squatting Depth and Weight Load},
  author={Hagen Hartmann and K. Wirth and Markus J. Klusemann},
  journal={Sports Medicine},
  • Hagen Hartmann, K. Wirth, Markus J. Klusemann
  • Published 2013
  • Medicine
  • Sports Medicine
  • It has been suggested that deep squats could cause an increased injury risk of the lumbar spine and the knee joints. [...] Key Method A search of relevant scientific publications was conducted between March 2011 and January 2013 using PubMed. Over 164 articles were included in the review. There are no realistic estimations of knee-joint forces for knee-flexion angles beyond 50° in the deep squat. Based on biomechanical calculations and measurements of cadaver knee joints, the highest retropatellar compressive…Expand Abstract
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