Analysis of the Lewisx epitope in human pancreas and pancreatic adenocarcinomas.

  title={Analysis of the Lewisx epitope in human pancreas and pancreatic adenocarcinomas.},
  author={Hans Peter Sinn and Scott Anthony Brown and E Oberle and J-P.F. Thompson},
  journal={International journal of pancreatology : official journal of the International Association of Pancreatology},
  volume={11 2},
The Lewisx epitope (Gal beta 1-4[Fuc alpha 1-3]GlcNAc-R) can be detected in most ductal pancreatic carcinomas. However, few data pertain to its expression in normal exocrine pancreas and its biochemistry. We compared the expression of the Lewisx epitope in normal pancreas with its expression in pancreatic adenocarcinomas and tumor cell lines and to further characterize the nature of the antigens bearing this epitope with immunochemical methods. On frozen tissue sections of normal pancreas, the… CONTINUE READING
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