Analysis of the Interaction Effects in the Southern Galaxy Pair Tol 1238–364 and ESO 381-G009*

  title={Analysis of the Interaction Effects in the Southern Galaxy Pair Tol 1238–364 and ESO 381-G009*},
  author={Sonia Temporin and Stefano Ciroi and Piero Rafanelli and Mario Radovich and J. A. Vennik and Gotthard M. Richter and Kurt Birkle},
  journal={Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series},
In the context of the connection among galaxy-galaxy interaction, starbursts, and nuclear activity, we present and discuss a quantitative morphological analysis based on BVR images and a detailed spectroscopic investigation of two interacting galaxies, the Seyfert 2 Tol 1238-364 (IC 3639) and its companion ESO 381-G009, forming a triple system with ESO 381-G006. Broadband optical photometry is complemented by Hα imaging, which provides information about the distribution of star-forming regions… Expand
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