Analysis of the Impact of Countdown Signal Timers on Driving Behavior and Road Safety

  title={Analysis of the Impact of Countdown Signal Timers on Driving Behavior and Road Safety},
  author={Tomasz Krukowicz and Krzysztof Firląg and J{\'o}zef Suda and Mirosław Czerliński},
This article describes the safety and effectiveness issues related to signal countdown timers (SCT). These devices are used in many countries around the world. The impact of these devices on road safety and the effectiveness of traffic lights is presented. During a literature review, more than 18 aspects of device use were recognized. The research involved measurements carried out at three intersections in Płock (Poland). The initial and final period of the green signal for vehicles was… 
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Effective and Acceptable Eco-Driving Guidance for Human-Driving Vehicles: A Review

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Vehicle and Traffic Safety

The role of the road transportation of people and goods is increasing and the number of lorries and buses used for this purpose is increasing.



The Influence of Countdown Timers on the Traffic Safety of Pedestrians and Vehicles at the Signalized Intersection

The results allow concluding that the countdown timers for both pedestrians and vehicles improve safety in the initial phase of the signal, and the impact of counter dispensing time on road safety.

Effects of countdown timers on traffic safety at signalized intersections

Results of the analysis of the time distribution of vehicles entering the crossroads during the red signal for different type of the intersections show that the countdown timer devices improve safety.

Effect of Countdown Timers on Traffic Characteristics and Driver Behaviors at Signalized Intersections

Signal countdown timers are being installed adjacent to the traffic signal heads at major signalized intersections in India. These timers display the seconds remaining for a particular signal phase

Evaluating the Performance of Signalized Intersection with Signal Countdown Timer

The study finds that the signal countdown timer is an effective device that can enhance the traffic safety and operational performance of a signalized intersection.

The issue of using countdown timers at intersections with traffic lights: A literature review

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It has been proved that countdown timers are very useful, improve comfort, safety and smoothness of traffic in the opinion of drivers, and there is a lack of information on determining the real impact of countdown timers on the number of collisions in the presented literature review.

Influence of green signal countdown timer on severe crash types at signalized intersections due to red light violations

P2W are found to have the highest exposure in crash involvement for both timer conditions, and SCT's installation can be recommended as a cost-effective engineering countermeasure to reduce severe crash types at signalized intersections.

Analysis of car-following behaviors considering the green signal countdown device

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the impacts of the green signal countdown device on car-following behaviors at signalized intersections and to propose an improved car-following model to