Analysis of the IDH1 codon 132 mutation in brain tumors

  title={Analysis of the IDH1 codon 132 mutation in brain tumors},
  author={J{\"o}rg Balss and Jochen Meyer and Wolf M{\"u}ller and Andrey Korshunov and Christian Hartmann and Andreas von Deimling},
  journal={Acta Neuropathologica},
A recent study reported on mutations in the active site of the isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH1) gene in 12% of glioblastomas. All mutations detected resulted in an amino acid exchange in position 132. We analyzed the genomic region spanning wild type R132 of IDH1 by direct sequencing in 685 brain tumors including 41 pilocytic astrocytomas, 12 subependymal giant cell astrocytomas, 7 pleomorphic xanthoastrocytomas, 93 diffuse astrocytomas, 120 adult glioblastomas, 14 pediatric glioblastomas, 105… CONTINUE READING