Analysis of terpenes in white wines using SPE-SPME-GC/MS approach.

  title={Analysis of terpenes in white wines using SPE-SPME-GC/MS approach.},
  author={Mariusz Dziadas and Henryk H Jeleń},
  journal={Analytica chimica acta},
  volume={677 1},
Terpenes contribute to some white wines aroma, especially these produced from Muscat grapes and others aromatic ones of high terpene contents (Gewürtztramminer, Traminer, Huxel, Sylvaner). Terpenes are present in wine in free and bound (in a form of glycosides) forms. Analyses of bound terpenes are usually performed using solid phase extraction after hydrolysis of glycosides. A new method for determination of terpenes from wine, focused on determination of terpenes released after acidic… CONTINUE READING
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