Analysis of surfactin synthetase subunits in srfA mutants of Bacillus subtilis OKB105.

  title={Analysis of surfactin synthetase subunits in srfA mutants of Bacillus subtilis OKB105.},
  author={Dirk Vollenbroich and Nalini Mehta and Peter Zuber and Joachim Vater and Roza Maria Kamp},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={176 2},
The srfA operon of Bacillus subtilis functions in the biosynthesis of the lipopeptide antibiotic surfactin. On the basis of nucleotide sequence and genetic analysis, it is believed to encode three enzymes (E1A, E1B, and E2) that catalyze the incorporation of the surfactin substrate amino acids. Insertion, deletion, and amino acid substitution mutations of srfA were analyzed for subunit composition and activity as determined by assays of both amino acid-dependent ATP-PPi exchange and aminoacyl… CONTINUE READING


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