Analysis of subcellular calcium signals in T-lymphocytes.


Subcellular Ca(2+) signals were analysed in Jurkat and peripheral human T-lymphocytes by confocal Ca(2+) imaging employing an off-line deconvolution method. Stimulation of the TCR/CD3 complex in T-lymphocytes resulted in a series of subcellular pacemaker Ca(2+) signals preceding the first global Ca(2+) signal. The pacemaker signals occurred in a cytosolic… (More)


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@article{Kunerth2003AnalysisOS, title={Analysis of subcellular calcium signals in T-lymphocytes.}, author={Svenja Kunerth and Georg W. Mayr and Friedrich Koch-Nolte and Andreas H. Guse}, journal={Cellular signalling}, year={2003}, volume={15 8}, pages={783-92} }