Analysis of stiffness and stress in I-bar clasps.

  title={Analysis of stiffness and stress in I-bar clasps.},
  author={Yuji Sato and Kazuhiro Tsuga and Yasuhiko Abe and Sanae Asahara and Yasumasa Akagawa},
  journal={Journal of oral rehabilitation},
  volume={28 6},
An I-bar clasp is one of the most popular direct retainers for distal-extension removable partial dentures. However, no adequate information is available on the shape associated with biomechanics. This study aimed (1) to establish a three-dimensional (3D) finite-element modelling method of I-bar clasps, and (2) to clarify the effect of the shape on the stress and stiffness of I-bar clasps. 3D computer models of I-bar clasps were created with vertical and horizontal straight sections connected… CONTINUE READING