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Analysis of sojourn time distributions for semi-Markov models

  title={Analysis of sojourn time distributions for semi-Markov models},
  author={Kelli Francis-Staite and Langford White},
This report aims to characterise certain sojourn time distributions that naturally arise from semi-Markov models. To this end, it describes a family of discrete distributions that extend the geometric distribution for both finite and infinite time. We show formulae for the moment generating functions and the mean and variance, and give specific examples. We consider specific parametrised subfamilies; the linear factor model and simple polynomial factor models. We numerically simulate drawing… 



Fitting hidden semi-Markov models to breakpoint rainfall data

The paper proposes a hidden semi-Markov model for breakpoint rainfall data that consist of both the times at which rain-rate changes and the steady rates between such changes. The model builds on and

Modeling duration in a hidden Markov model with the exponential family

The parameter estimation procedure presented here offers several advantages over other methods of duration modeling, including the fact that the duration PMF can be found directly, rather than sampling and truncating the optimum density.

New Representations for a Semi-Markov Chain and Related Filters

This article derives semimartingale dynamics for a semi-Markov chain and gives them in a new vector form which explicitly exhibits the times at which jump-events occur and the probabilities of state transitions.

Application of Hidden Markov Models and Hidden Semi-Markov Models to Financial Time Series

A hybrid algorithm that is designed to combine the advantageous features of the EM and DNM algorithms is proposed, and the performance of the three algorithms (EM, DNM and the hybrid) are compared.

Optimal simultaneous detection and estimation of filtered discrete semi-Markov chains

An optimal algorithm for the detection of noisy filtered discrete semi-Markov chains is presented, carried out numerically by a combination of gradient, divide-and-conquer, and search techniques as the integer most likely search detector.

Hidden semi-Markov models

Discrete Gamma Distributions: Properties and Parameter Estimations

A two-parameter discrete gamma distribution is derived corresponding to the continuous two parameters gamma distribution using the general approach for discretization of continuous probability


"Overview, Ralph B. D'Agostino and Michael A. Stephens Graphical Analysis, Ralph B. D'Agostino Tests of Chi-Squared Type, David S. Moore Tests Based on EDF Statistics, Michael A. Stephens Tests Based

Introduction to Matrix Analytic Methods in Stochastic Modeling

This book deals with regression analysis and suggests to shift the focus to problem solving, using existing (or developing new) mathematical-statistical and subject-matter theory rather than developing new theory to solve problems that could arise in the future.

Another generalization of the geometric distribution

A new generalization of the geometric distribution with parameters α>0 and 0<θ<1 is obtained in this paper. This can be done either by using the Marshall and Olkin (Biometrika 84(3), 641–652, 1997)