Analysis of repeated motifs in the talin rod.

  title={Analysis of repeated motifs in the talin rod.},
  author={A. D. McLachlan and Murray Stewart and Richard O Hynes and D. J. Rees},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={235 4},
The amino acid sequence of the rod portion of talin contains strong periodic patterns with a long period of 32 to 34 residues superimposed on short periods of 7 and 7/2 residues. The rod includes 50 to 60 copies of an irregular repeated motif approximately 34 residues long. The motif itself consists of three sections: a short "leader" segment of about six residues, which has a high proportion of the prolines and acidic residues; a relatively well-conserved hydrophobic "core" pattern of… CONTINUE READING

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