Analysis of regulatory protease sequences identified through bioinformatic data mining of the Schistosoma mansoni genome

  title={Analysis of regulatory protease sequences identified through bioinformatic data mining of the Schistosoma mansoni genome},
  author={D. H. Bos and Chris Mayfield and D. Minchella},
  journal={BMC Genomics},
  pages={488 - 488}
  • D. H. Bos, Chris Mayfield, D. Minchella
  • Published 2009
  • Medicine, Biology
  • BMC Genomics
  • BackgroundNew chemotherapeutic agents against Schistosoma mansoni, an etiological agent of human schistosomiasis, are a priority due to the emerging drug resistance and the inability of current drug treatments to prevent reinfection. Proteases have been under scrutiny as targets of immunological or chemotherapeutic anti-Schistosoma agents because of their vital role in many stages of the parasitic life cycle. Function has been established for only a handful of identified S. mansoni proteases… CONTINUE READING
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