[Analysis of poisoning cases from Chinese National Injury Surveillance System, 2006 - 2008].


OBJECTIVE To study the preventive strategies through analyzing the poisoning cases from the National Injury Surveillance System (NISS), from 2006 to 2008. METHODS Data of poisoning cases was descriptively analyzed from Chinese NISS, from 2006 to 2008. RESULTS The proportion of poisoning cases to all injuries cases from NISS were 2.57%, 2.48% and 2.52% from 2006 to 2008, which ranked sixth in all the injuries causes. Most people being poisoned had junior middle school education and most of them were agriculture/animal husbandry/fishery/water producers or commercial/service personnel. Most of the poisoning incidents were happened at home, always occurred in leisure time - around 8 PM, every day. The common types of poisoning were alcohol, clinical drugs, pesticide and carbon monoxide. Unintentional injuries were the main causes. Self-harm/suicidal cases in the rural areas were more than in the urban areas, with women more than men. The main type of self-harm/suicide related poisoning cases were through drugs or pesticide. ≥ 65, 15 - 29 and 30 - 44 year-olds were most commonly seen. CONCLUSION Alcoholism was the primary type of poisoning injuries which is the highest in young adults (15 - 29 years and 30 - 44 years). It's important to promote civilized drinking habits and limit access to alcohol for youth. Self-harm/suicide had close relationship with clinical drugs and pesticide. The key points to prevent pesticide and clinical drugs poisoning were safe storage of pesticides, universal security of pesticide, and the supervision on drug producing and marketing. Children and the elderly were the high risk people for carbon monoxide poisoning. Monitoring and intervention must be strengthened.

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