Analysis of plasma histamine levels in patients with mast cell disorders.

  title={Analysis of plasma histamine levels in patients with mast cell disorders.},
  author={Beth S Friedman and SethM. Steinberg and William Joel Meggs and Michael A. Kaliner and Marianne Frieri and Dean D Metcalfe},
  journal={The American journal of medicine},
  volume={87 6},
PURPOSE The use of plasma histamine determinations as a screening tool to distinguish patients with recurrent unexplained anaphylaxis, flushing, or both from those with mastocytosis has never been evaluated. This retrospective study was designed to determine if plasma histamine levels can be used as a screening test. PATIENTS AND METHODS Values of plasma histamine levels, measured using a sensitive radioenzymatic assay, from 41 patients with mastocytosis, 26 patients with recurrent… CONTINUE READING


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